Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seeking freelance, contract, and professional services opportunities

I have a broad graphic arts background as well as deep experience in the graphic communications world (details will be covered in later posts to this blog). I am effective at problem solving, understanding and teaching about complex technical systems, communications, leadership, public speaking, and writing.

I'm currently seeking freelance, contract, and professional services opportunities in any of the following fields or a single position that involves one or more of these disciplines:

Offset printing: quality assurance, technical director, marketing director/social media publisher, printshop technical auditing, implement transition to Marketing Services Provider, Print Buyer

Graphic design: graphic designer, ad creative, Photoshop specialist/retoucher

Photography: photographer, photographer's assistant, Photoshop specialist/retoucher

Education: professor of art, graphic design, or photography at the post-secondary/college level


  1. You look some really experienced guy and look at diversity of work you can do. Will be sharing in my network and believe that you will get what you are looking for